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Understanding, Supporting, and Strengthening the Partnership of Families, Consumers and Government


Criminal Justice Symposium

Systems Issues and Policy Challenges


October 30th - November 2nd

Holiday Inn East
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National Suicide Prevention Day

If you feel you are in a crisis, whether or not you are thinking about killing yourself, please call the National Suicide Lifeline. They are there to help. You are not alone!

Matching Gift Challenge!!!

This year your donation will have an even greater significance. We are pleased to announce that we are offering an opportunity to have your donations double in size. Through the generous support of a donor we are able to offer a dollar for dollar match.

This is the first time we’ve ever had the opportunity of a generous contribution giving us the money to match your contribution. Please help us double this rare opportunity. This support provides each NAMI member and supporter an opportunity for your gift to double in impact. Our goal for the mid-year campaign is to match a grant of $48,000.

A donation of $15 becomes $30, your $25 becomes $50 and $50 becomes $100.




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Multicultural Networking Group

Dear Latino Networking Group members,

NAMI is pleased to announce that stipends are available for active Multicultural Networking Group members to cover some of the expenses associated with attending the 2014 NAMI National Convention in Washington, D.C. (September 3-6).

Stipends will be awarded up to $550 to cover a portion of qualifying expenses, including the registration fee, airfare and/or hotel.

Awarded amount will be reimbursed up to upon submission of original receipts of qualifying expenses after the convention.
To be eligible for this stipend, a completed application (see attachment) and letter/ email of recommendation must be received by July 18, 2014.

Registration and suggested hotel and flight information can be found at

For questions and additional information, please contact us at

Please Note: Financial arrangements are between NAMI National and the indiviual applying for grant.

NAMI PA thanks NAMI NYC Metro, The City of Philadelphia DBHIDS & The Scattergood Foundation NAMI New York & NAMI PA.

'I Will Listen' Event!


NAMI PA expresses a special thank you to NAMI NYC Metro for its vision and leadership. The #IWILLLISTEN Day in Philadelphia was an excellent beginning for a program designed to help persons develop an understanding acceptance for families and persons living with mental Illness.

We also want to express our appreciation to the Scattergood Foundation and the City of Philadelphia and the many other organizations who helped to make this event a success.

We expect this program to spread across the Nation helping to raise public awareness and support.

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Science Corner

June 15, 2014


Using a flash of light, scientists have inactivated and then reactivated a memory in genetically engineered rats. The study, supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is the first cause-and-effect evidence that strengthened connections between neurons are the stuff of memory. 

 Full Report

Emergency Preparedness Planning

Make a Plan | Build a Kit



Emergencies/disasters are part of every day life. Floods, droughts, earthquakes, snowstorms, the accidental release of radiation and terrorist attacks are just a few examples of problems we may face. Advance planning and coordination of family activities will improve the opportunities for managing and overcoming the challenges of such emergencies. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “it is better to dig your well before you are thirsty.”

Criminal Justice
and the Forensics Interagency Task Force

NAMI believes that education about brain disorders at all levels of judicial and legal systems is crucial to the appropriate disposition of cases involving offenders with brain disorders. Judges, lawyers, police officers, correctional officers, parole and probation officers, law enforcement personnel, court officers, and emergency medical transport and service personnel should be required to complete at least 20 hours of training about these disorders. Consumers and family members should be a part of this educational process.

NAMI believes that state and local mental health authorities must work closely in conjunction with state and local correctional and law enforcement agencies to develop strategies and programs for compassionate intervention by law enforcement, jail diversion, treatment of individuals with brain disorders who are incarcerated, and discharge planning and community reintegration services for individuals with brain disorders released from correctional facilities.